Difference Between Functionalist Theory And Functionalism

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Society is the composition of different elements and each of the parts is essential to maintain its balance and interconnections as well as fulfilling the particular demand. If one part does not work properly, other parts fall in the ditch of dilemma and this is how a society functions. In case of functionalism theory in sociology refers to social order, social stability of each parts that especially focus on the macro level of social structure. Similarly, right wing in terms of politics illustrates social order, stratification and hierarchy that are natural and usual in the society. Right wing people wanted hierarchy, stratification, clericalism and others as parts of function and at the same time the way of social order and change. So, the idea illustrates about an ideal society that will remain the same as it is, in terms of social order, structure and stratification.
As the topic is about to explore the possible linkage between the functionalism and the right wing questioning that functionalist paradigm help the right? It is essential to know what is functionalism and what the right wing is.
Functionalism is the complex biological model of the society which formulates the structure and function of the social system and also analysis the process of evolution as a whole. Basically, it analyses regarding society and interconnect different parts by building relationship holistically. So, initially questions have been made by asking how society can hold together when all

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