Difference Between Globalization And Americanization

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Globalization VS Americanization
Globalization is a continuous integration of free movement of goods, services and people around the world. Globalization can be considered because of the opening of the global economy and an increase in trade among nations. In other words, if those countries that so far closed trade and foreign investment opened their economies to the world, the result was a deepening interconnection and integration of the world economy. This is a briefly introduction to globalization. In other ways, globalization also means the free import of all nations and welcomes foreign investment in the main sectors of the economy. This means that countries become attractive by attracting global capital to the open economy of multinational
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For thousands of years, globalization has contributed to the world 's progress through tourism, trade, immigration, the dissemination of cultural influences and the dissemination of knowledge and understanding, including science and technology. Globalization is a formidable and somewhat intimidating force that can not be controlled. Globalization is affecting the rest of the world around the world. This means that every country, even an underdeveloped country, has far-reaching implications both for the world and for the United States. Thomas L. Friedman elaborated on the fruits of globalization in his article "After all, a Flat World." He said globalization took place in three different stages. The first step is to change the world from big to big by communicating. With the progress of tourism and international shipping, the second is from small to medium. The third step is to turn the world into a small world. At the same time, competition is more balanced, especially because of the widespread use of the Internet. This is very different from the Americanization. This is not a contagion of American culture all over the world. This is a social and technological change accepted by most countries and is now having some impact, especially on the United States. In the past century, the United States has led the world in different ways. "There is an international prototype in line with the American model that can be found in painting, architecture, and even cyberspace." (Verdu) This is the meaning of Americanization today. Americanization is different from globalization, and these are just imitations of the American perspectives and ideas Other Cultures There is nothing imposed on them, and people in these regions choose to follow and see American celebrities rather than international politicians and

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