Difference Between Globalization And Culture

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Globalization and culture What is culture? Culture is made by ideas created by members of society and as well as material objects or untangible or untouch things. In other context man made environment is called culture. There are different elements of culture which are trait, symbols and language. Trait is the smallest unit of culture e.g. hello, hi or sign of victory. Symbol is any entity that contains particular meaning e.g. symbol of Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism etc. Language is a set of symbols used for the purpose of communication.eg Russian, Persian, Urdu, and English. Concepts of culture: Discovery: In this concept it means that things are available or existed but we are unfamiliar. Then we discover a new thing. Invention: Things or material are available but we make a new shape from that material that is called invention e.g. iron, copper, wood etc. is available and we can make many things. Diffusion: Diffusion is basically when discoveries or inventions transmit from one area to other area. Then that is called diffusion. There are other general concepts of culture which are: Ethnocentrism: It is a process in which we prefer our culture as compare to others e.g. we are Muslim our culture is best or our education system is best. Zenocentrism: Zenocentrism is the preference of other culture nations or culture of other nations and devalue our own culture e.g. Indian cosmetics western culture style or commodities etc. Afrocentrism: Dominance and spread of African
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