Difference Between Grief Counseling And Grief Therapy

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This week reading allowed me to understand more about grief counseling and grief therapy. Grief counseling helps clients adopt healthy ways to face the reality of a loved one that has passed. Grief counseling adopt strategies such as increase reality of loss, face emotional or behavioral pain, solve any obstacles that can prevent the person from moving forward and finally finding a way to maintain a bond with the deceased. Grief therapy focuses on a deeper complexity involving grief. Therapy can continue any abnormality such as extended periods of grieving. Before this week, I thought that grief counseling and grief therapy were two words that can be used interchangeably because they meant the same thing. I believe that’s a comment misconception to confuse counseling and therapy. However it was great to know the difference between grief counseling and grief therapy.…show more content…
They should at least have a master degree within this field of study. Formal education can give you an advance then others to informative understand the grieving process. Having further education can provide professionals with effective tactics that can help the clients deal with their grief. Grief counselors and therapist can use tactics such as symbols, clustering (brainstorming one's feelings),Thought-Field Therapy, evoking language or psychodynamics. Also having further training can give insights to grief counselors whenever a client needs further treatment options or a referral to a specialist. To me the knowledge learned and experiences working with people can make an effective grief counselor or grief
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