Difference Between Guy Debord And Marxism

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Karl Marx was the first theorist to attempt to analyse modern and postmodern societies. According to Marx, the capitalist mode of production helped to create a new form of modern society. This new form of modern society was built around the production of commodities and the collection of capital. According to Marx, capital created its own world and the commodities that were created became a norm of social organization (Best and Kellner, 1997). Capitalism has become a norm within society due to the attachments that society has given it. The object world is in command and human well-being is expressed by the evident consumption of goods. Critical thought no longer exists as it is oppressed by the culture of mass obedience. This essay will discuss three Marxist critics Guy Debord, Jean Baudrillard and Fredrick Jameson and their response to postmodernism. Guy Debord was a Marxist critic who responded to the rise of postmodernism. Debord was a neo-Marxist who maintained the basic framework of Marxism, which was structured around class and production. Although Debord enhanced the framework to take into consideration the shift to a society that was focused on mass media and consumption. Consumer capitalism, where the main aim is to make as much money though manipulation as possible is the main driver of social control. Capitalism creates a world full of images and varieties of entertainment. Capitalism creates a ‘society of the spectacle’. The ‘society of the spectacle’ is a term

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