Difference Between Hard Power And Soft Power

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INTRODUCTION Power is the ability to influence the behavior of others to attain needed outcomes. There are two ways to do that: hard power, and soft power. Joseph Nye, introduced the ideology of “soft power”, summarized as a directing, attracting and imitating force. This is the country’s ability to admire other countries through intangible resources like ideas, values and ideology: the quality to impress others for what you think. A country’s soft power stand on three basic pillars: cultural values, political and socio economic norms and most importantly its foreign policies and diplomatic relations. In contemporary times, it is used in international affairs economic growth nationally and globally as well. It narrates that hard power can hardly bring peace to the world but only soft power approach i.e. diplomatic terms and political solutions can result in bringing peace in the present era. A country’s ability to regulate its norms, cultural values and traditions serve as basis for development of soft power. Soft power represents way of getting the outcomes you want. Soft power is compared with hard power, which has been the measure of nation’s strength through coercion for years. Soft power is considered as an important aid in power usage nowadays, considered a tool to allure others and thus, influencing the behaviors of others to attain the desirable results. The contemporary world has identified the significance of soft power over hard power. This theory has brought

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