Differences Between Hercules And Disney Movies

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Between the original myth “Heracles” and the Disney movie Hercules, the movie had the better story because the smaller smaller stories were more developed making the story more interesting, there were more fun characters which made the story more exciting and fun, and Hercules had a bigger struggle creating a deeper and more meaningful story. One of the reasons that, in my opinion, the Disney movie Hercules was better is because the smaller stories were more developed making the story more interesting. Throughout the movie there were little things such as battles with Gorgons, the perspective of Hades or the love story between Hercules and Meg that were more developed and shown so you actually understood what happened their and the little…show more content…
In the myth when fighting the monsters Hercules was able to defeat them right away, sometimes he did have a little help but that was only for reasons that didn’t have anything to do with his capabilities just who he was, but in the movie he had trouble fighting the mosters at first especially when first starting out he got knocked down a bit but in the end pulled it off. He also had a big struggle in the end when fighting the titans because to keep Meg safe he made an agreement to take away his strength for 24 hours, because of this he struggles with not being able to do his duties and save everybody because without his strength he couldn't do anything, also simultaneously he was battling with a loss of hope because he found out Meg was working for Hades and thought she didn't actually care about him. Because of this there was a low point of struggle which required Perseus persevere and fight back, and once he did Meg got hurt but he did receive his powers back and was able to save the day which created a theme of hope and perseverance and made the story have a message to learn
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