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When people think of cliques, they usually think of negative, snobby, stuck up preppy girls in high school. You know, the girls that wore similar clothes, did their hair the same, always had to be up to date on the drama, and always talked gave negative peer pressure to everyone. Although this is the typical stereotype, not all peer pressure is negative. Peer pressure can help make people better at daily life activates, it pushes them to do better things, and also perform better.

In barrel racing there are cliques. "Cliques are sophisticated, complex, and multilayered, and every girl has a role within them." (Wiseman 345). Barrel racing cliques are a lot like high school cliques, except we are spread out across the country. The most different thing between high school cliques, and barrel racing cliques, is instead of judging everyone, talking down to others, or spreading rumors about them, we try to encourage them to do better, we cheer them on, stay out of their way, and give advice when it is asked for. I would not necessarily call us a ‘clique ', more of a support group. We push each other to ride harder and do the best of our ability at
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I did not attend an average high school, I was homeschooled. The group of friends I hung out with at the testing center once a week, were guys. Because I was the only girl in the group, a lot of girls made fun of the guys, and myself. Being the reason my friends were getting made fun of was horrible, and it worried me terribly. My friends would take my mind off of the mean girls by helping me study the material I was at campus to test over. Of course, since I studied the entire time I was waiting I did excellent on all of my tests, and quizzes. When the girls realized that their action of making fun of us was helping me on my tests, they stopped. Negative peer pressure can have an opposite effect of those who understand what the mean girls are trying to

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