Difference Between Hockey And Figure Skating

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The variety of sports which take place on ice are very limited. The main two sports that come to the general person’s mind are hockey and figure skating. Although those are the main two sports, forthrightly, hockey is much more popular than figure skating to Americans. In general, most people would rather go to a hockey game than a figure skating competition. A hockey game is a lot less complex than a figure skating competition, but people find hockey games more regaling. A hockey game consists of watching a team try to score goals against the opposing team, much like soccer but on ice with a hockey stick. On the other hand, a figure skating competition consists of a figure skater trying his or her best to make it through a four-minute program, completing all of his or her elements succinct, not having any deductions, and beating his or her other 18 opponents. To clarify, all material in this composition will be based on professional/ elite levels of the sports. Hockey and figure skating are both expensive sports, but they require different training and equipment; in the end, figure skating is an under appreciated sport. To begin, both hockey and figure skating are costly sports. Hockey is pricey. The most recommended elite skates priced at about $1,000, found on a hockey equipment website. The recommended helmet cost about $300. That is not the only equipment needed; the neck guard costs about $20, shoulder pads about $200, elbow pads about $150, gloves about $200, sticks

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