Film Industry Vs Hollywood Industry

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The differences in the Hollywood of today and the Golden Age can be attributed to the changing economics on which the film industry functions. The ultimate profits are down, even though Hollywood today is making brighter films for new, fast-growing markets which cater to an entirely different set of viewership. Meanwhile, television, which once used to be considered “the unglamorous sister”, is today enjoying record earnings and unprecedented critical acclaim. Today scenes in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” & “Boardwalk Empire” are as spectacular as any movie which has caused directors and movie stars like Dustin Hoffman to switch to TV networks which today offer them a much more creative license.
The following differences can be seen in Hollywood
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This is when the US population has clearly become 3 times that of 1930s. This clearly shows how the advent of internet; video games and television have dethroned the movies. Most of the great directors of the past made movies keeping the spirit that these would by watched by everyone – of all age group. Earlier the movies were mostly for adults and the 10year olds were the ones who were dragged by their parents to see what the parents wanted to see. But as the older audiences have stepped away from the movie halls, studios today feel that it is more lucrative to make movies for younger…show more content…
Thus, the big Hollywood movies of today have been devoid of wit, character, and psychology.
3. Film Content
With the changing audiences, rising costs and falling revenues, the big studios have responded by trying to make more films they think will be hits: usually sequels, prequels, or anything featuring characters with name recognition.
This could be seen in the recent releases of Iron Man 2 or Hunger Games – these movies personified only the branding operation for what followed - video games, soundtrack albums, dishware, pillows, toys, bobblehead dolls, construction sets, t-shirts, pyjamas, helmets etc.
Thus, the studios today have contributed to systematic de-culturation of movies. Thus, today’s movies are devoid of the mysteries of personality, sophisticated dialogue, any kind of elegant or smart life, and the treasured woman’s emotions (think of Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Joan
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