Hospitality Vs Tourism

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In today’s world, hospitality and tourism have become one of the large and crucial industry that plays the main role in global economy. There are many students who graduated from high school and chose to study hospitality and tourism courses since these two fields provide diverse opportunities and many career options. These two courses might seem to be indistinguishable because they are correlative to each other. Even though, Hospitality and Tourism Management are the subjects that quite similar; however, they are different in terms of curriculum, skill requirements, and career.

Hospitality management is the study of managing in terms of event or places such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and other institutions. This course focuses
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The hospitality management student can become the hotel or restaurant manager. In this job, they will take the responsibility for the business performance of the hotel or the restaurant such as marketing activities including promotions and discounts, plan and coordinate menus, and so on. Furthermore, the hospitality management student can also be an event organizer. In this position, the student will be responsible in the field of organizing and plan the events such as festivals, exhibitions, and social events. As well as, finding all the troubleshoots of each event so that it will run smoothly. Conversely, the career path for the tourism management student is the travel agent. The tasks that they need to accomplish are to inform the details of the trip, arranging flight as well as making visas and passports for each client. Another career option would be a tour guide, they will play the role of a cultural ambassador since they need to give a narration about the countries or places that they go. This will help the client to fully understand and experience the cultural, historical, and social…show more content…
The hospitality management focuses on servicing and fulfilling the needs of the customers especially in the hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions while the tourism management focus on a vast area of activities that involve from booking the tickets to finding a tourists attractions, providing comfortable and entertainments during the trip. However, these two courses cannot be determined which one is a better course since both of the courses has it owns good. Finally, it depends on each person’s opinion and interest whether they choose to study hospitality management or tourism

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