Difference Between Hospitality And Hospitality Management

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In today’s world, hospitality and tourism have become one of the large and crucial industry that plays the main role in global economy. There are many students who graduated from high school and chose to study hospitality and tourism courses since these two fields provide diverse opportunities and many career options. These two courses might seem to be indistinguishable because they are correlative to each other. Even though, Hospitality and Tourism Management are the subjects that quite similar; however, they are different in terms of curriculum, skill requirements, and career.

Hospitality management is the study of managing in terms of event or places such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and other institutions. This course focuses on hospitality industry or in other words, a service industry, its task is to servicing, satisfying, and accommodating customers needs. This would simply mean that the students will learn how to control and organize all the departments and staffs so that their client will feel welcomed, enjoy their stay, and wanted to return. By contrast, tourism management is the study of management that focuses on travel. This course provides a knowledge of wide range activities from ticketing to the guidance of tourists in popular attractions. For example, booking air tickets, devising packages for tourists, and take the client to different attractions while providing accommodations. As well as ensure that the customers get the most comfortable during
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