Difference Between Human Communication And Real Life

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Mock exam English 10th grade autumn 2017
Task 1A
Human communication is strange, especially when you compare how it happens in meatspace against the rules of cyberspace. It does not make it easier that people’s backgrounds also affect how they convey their ideas to other human beings. To explain this a bit, here are some things that work differently on social media, compared to real life.
First: The Internet has slacker rules. Unless you say something unbelievable stupid, preferably to a group of extreme nerds (for instance, that Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is the best SW movie), you will get away with saying a lot of things when you are conveying them through a keyboard. People just ignore it. This means that, if you scroll upward on some of my friends’ group chats, you will find the weirdest conversations and statements, for example ten minutes’ worth of communication made through GIFs. This would not happen in RL (the Internet term for Real Life). If I were to start saying things with obvious grammatic faults, in the shortest manner possible, while someone else were talking about a completely different subject, I would get weird looks. I probably get those when I write things on Messenger, too, though of course I do not have eye contact with the source, and so he has no possibility to say in a subtle way that what I just wrote was weird.
Second, and probably related to the previous: talk flows easier online. Things are said quicker when you only need pushing the Enter

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