Human Rights In Education

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The following essay is going to discuss the difference between human rights education and human rights in education. Firstly human rights will be defined and some examples of human rights will be given. Thereafter some human rights approaches will be discussed and these approaches will be applied to the teaching of the subject matter in Life Orientation.

Human rights is a concept which describes the individual as well as collective rights which are necessary for human development to take place (Carrim, 2006). Human rights are the rights which an individual has because they are human (Weston, 2002). Human rights are universal as they are for every person, everywhere and across time and space (Carrim, 2006). They are indissoluble as we need
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This however is not the only aspect which is important. It’s not just about having access to education and knowledge but also the learners access to resources inside the school (Carrim, 2006) such as having to text books to learn from, running water, the stability of the buildings in the school, the safety of the learners when it comes to using the bathroom facilities (Lewin, 2009) and whether corporal punishment (Carrim, 2006) is still being uses in the school. This is not just about access to schooling as mentioned but also the knowledge in the curriculum which needs to be transmitted to the learners (Lewin,…show more content…
There needs to be a constant interaction between the learners and the teacher and the human rights content should be integrated into the lesson (Carrim, 2006). The learners need to be able to participate in the lesson so their rights need to be protected and there needs to be a safe environment (Carrim, 2006). There is the possibility of the learner’s rights being violated in the classroom (Carrim, 2006). Physical or verbal abuse (Carrim, 2006) is often experienced by the learners when they make mistakes in the lesson. Forms of discipline and punishment may violate the learner’s human rights (Carrim, 2006). Some learners have reported cases where the teacher has been abusive or insulting and the learners endure the abuse as a result of them fearing that they might be victimised by the teacher (Vally et al., 1999).

The approaches which will be used to teach Life Orientation will be Peace education, anti-discrimination education and democracy education (Carrim, 2006). These three approaches are important to use because this teaching subject deals with some controversial issues. Human rights need to be considered in order to ensure that we live in conditions of peace and stability
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