Difference Between Human Trafficking And Trafficking

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Human smuggling and trafficking are violations of human’s rights , integrity and dignity . In fact, it is officially defined by governmental organs and international organizations such as the United Nations as modern-day slavery to further commercial, sexual or labor acts.
There is a blurred line between smuggled migration and human trafficking and the two concepts often overlap. Thus, In order to bring a reliable knowledge about human smuggling and trafficking, it is necessary to define these two concepts apart and understand the differences and similarities among smuggling and trafficking.

Human trafficking
According to the US department of Homeland security, human trafficking is indeed a modern form of slavery which involves the use of force, imposition or fraud in order to take control of the physical integrity of the persons to further commercial, labor to sexual matters, without their consent.
To be considered as human trafficking, the act must fulfill three elements:

• The ACT : this is the first step which consists of the abduction of the persons. We mean, the transportation, the hold or the transfer of the hostages done by: • The MEAN: Indeed, the mean goes through several forms, the most common one would be the treat or the use of force. Along with abuse of power, abduction ad fraud. The act and the mean must be for the purpose of: • The EXPLOITATION i.e. organ removal for commercial matters, sexual or labor exploitation.


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