Difference Between Hybrid Cars And Hybrid Cars

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INTRODUCTION: Automobile market is a large market. The law of demand states, as the price of a car increases; the quantity demanded for cars decreases. The demand for cars not only depends on price but on other variables as well. The most important of all is Income. When gasoline prices rises, the cost of running a vehicle rises. So, the demand for cars decreases. People tend to buy cars with low mileage per gallon. Now days, many consumers prefer hybrid cars over conventional cars. Hybrid cars are a substitute for conventional cars. Any vehicle is said to be hybrid when it involves two sources of power. In 1960’s three scientists created a hybrid car whose engineering concepts are used in today’s hybrids. Its engine is smaller and uses an electric motor and requires less gasoline than conventional vehicles. Hybrids operate using both a gasoline and an electrical engine. It uses less gasoline and oil to run. Hybrid vehicles are environment friendly and emit few pollutants. They have quiet engines. Hybrids are trendy in both style and comfort. Toyota Prius is a common example of a hybrid car. In future people will tend to buy more hybrid cars if price of petrol rises any further. Hybrid cars have brought a revolution in car industry. The first hybrid vehicle produced on a big scale was the Toyota Prius, launched in Japan in 1997. The market of hybrid cars is largest in Japan followed by America. Japan is leading the hybrid cars market in the world since 1997. CNG or

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