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Leadership (Imamate)
What does Imamate Mean?

One of the principles of Muslims (Shia Islam) is Imamate which means leadership, and is a universal authority over people’s religious and worldly affairs. Imams are religious experts who are consciously and willingly infallible and perfect leaders who provide believers with Islamic teachings and laws to help them reach prosperity and perfection.

The Difference between Imams and Prophets

The followings are the differences between Imams and prophets:

The prophets have brought us the religion, its axioms and God’s commandments by the means of revelation they received from God, whereas Imams protect the religion against any kind of deviation or distortion and are responsible for performance of God’s
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The Necessity of Imamate

In the religion of Islam, Imamate is a position that is necessary according to the following rationales:

The Grace of God
According to Shia viewpoints Imamate is proved to be the grace of God (Lutf), which is one of His attributes defined as ‘beneficence’ or ‘kindness’ that would help to bring His creatures nearer to His obedience and facilitate their moral rectitude. In fact, that is the grace of God that requires Him to appoint Imams to keep people away from God’s disobedience.

Protection of the Religion against Distortion
Training Talented Human Souls
People are different in obtaining awareness; some are capable of finding the right path, some are not; Imams help both groups to find their way through perfection.

Continuity of the Religion
23 years of preaching did not give Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the opportunity to teach people Islamic laws, thoughts and beliefs completely. So, there had to be perfect people, trained by the prophet to give humans all the Islamic teachings and to guarantee the endurance of

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