Difference Between Immigration And Multiculturalism

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The Sociological Perspective of Immigration and Multiculturalism
From the sociological angle, the issue of immigration and its effects on national identity and multiculturalism can be viewed from a completely different perspective. The current regime wars and other conflicts across the world have caused more human displacement and suffering than did World War II. Even as refugees move towards Europe, many die on their way along the Mediterranean region. Still, other suffer o their death in European soil. For socialists, solidarity with other suffering human beings is the only solution to the refugee and immigration crisis, regardless of other concerns such as national identity and multiculturalism. To socialists, the problem to be solved is family disintegration, which the refugee and immigration crises have brought about (Ashmore, Jussim & Wilder, 2001).

In Europe, socialists are calling upon individual governments and the international community to step up and implement permanent strategies for the fair and timely distribution of asylum seekers across Europe. To socialists, it does not matter whether national identities will be lost or societies will become multicultural, human suffering and family disintegration must first be alleviated or eliminated. Also, the ills associated with refugee and immigration such as poverty, war, and inequality are not national or local problems but global issues that every nation must participate in alleviating.

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