Difference Between Incompatibilism And Determinism

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Question 1

Compatibilists believe that free will is compatible with determinism and an act can be both free and determined at the same time. They identify free will with freedom of action and to act freely simply means to be free from external coercion.

Determinism is the idea that every event including human decisions and actions are completely predetermined by previous causes. Once the causes occur, the effects must follow. These effects include moral choices.

Compatibilists think that determinism is actually required to act freely, because if there were no causes and effects for a person to be connected to, their actions would become random, chaotic, and unpredictable and therefore their actions are not truly “free” since such actions are uncaused.

Question 2

Incompatibilists believe that free will and determinism are incompatible. There are two incompatibilist positions: nihilism and libertarianism.

Nihilists believe that if determinism is true, there is no free will. They take the stand that everything we do is caused by forces over which we have no control, and as such, we do not and never act freely since such forces cause our actions.

Libertarians hold the view that at least some of our actions are not forced on us by the Laws of Nature. Instead, we have the ability to freely choose to perform those actions, and nothing makes us do so. They claim that human choices are not constrained like other events are. We can act differently, or we can choose

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