Difference Between Indian Arts And Western Arts

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Indian arts and western arts- Difference, significance and what 's missing.
Indian art and Western art can be considered as two major schools of art in the world. Now question may arise why these 2 schools of art are so important. Answer is very simple, they testifies the artistic excellence reached by both Indian and Western artists. Not only that, there historical value is also immense. The aesthetic value that these two major schools of art provide is unparalleled. That’s why both researchers and aspiring artists are continuously studying and interpreting these 2 schools of art.

If we study Indian art and Western art in details we will see that these two age old schools of art have many striking dissimilarities in subject, form and material. As an artist one should get acquainted with these differences. Let’s talk about the differences
1) Subject matters of Indian art mostly comprised of portrait of human image, mythological Gods and Goddesses and their portraits. It can be said that Indian art is hugely inclined towards religion. Unlike Indian art, the subject matters of Western art mainly comprises of beautiful and picturesque landscape, engraving and portraits. So we can say western art is less religious in nature than Indian art.

2) Various techniques of oil paintings were unknown in Indian art till 19th century, while in Western art the art of oil painting is very well developed.
3) When it comes down to Indian paintings most popular are mural

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