Difference Between Individual Rights And Group Rights

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6.Group rights vs individual rights: A dichotomy in the issue of triple talaq Both, group rights as well as individual rights can co-exist peacefully, however it is also viable for them to enjoy a mutually supportive relation. Joseph Raz has mentioned that individual rights often presuppose the lifestyles of general social goods and that person rights themselves regularly promote social goods. sometimes, individual rights are rights only because they enhance social goods. Raz never claim that social goods are the objects of group rights, but he does divulge the error of supposing that an antagonism closer to collective concerns is by some means constructed into the purpose of individual rights. The interests that individual rights and group rights seek to safeguard will frequently be the same interests. Women‟s right and right of the community under Muslim Personal laws have been represented as mutually exclusive. The rights of women are subsumed by the rights of the community. This exclusiveness of women‟s right and community right can be viewed as tension between group rights and individual rights. The Indian constitution guarantees the individual 's fundamental right to equality and freedom from discrimination on the basis of sex or religion, are violated by Muslim personal laws. The preamble of the constitution also talks about securing justice, equality and liberty for all citizens. In recognition of the conflict between the principles of equality and freedom from

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