Individualism Vs. Collectivism: Srilanka And United States

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Individualism – Collectivism: Srilanka and Unites States Of America (USA)

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Srilankan existing Business looking forward to start a new branch in United States Of America (USA). To start their operations they have to look about cross-cultural communication in both countries (SL and USA).A way of learning about cross-cultural communication among countries, looking at Hofstede 's cultural dimensions. Geert Hofstede researched and developed this theory and it’s focusing on six dimensions, which
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collectivism features between Srilanka and United States of America, individualism is the ethical position, political theory, belief system, or social viewpoint that accentuates the ethical worth of the individual. Individualists advance the practice of one 's objectives and goals thus esteem freedom and self-reliance and advocate that interests of the individual ought to accomplish priority over the state or a social group, while restricting outside obstruction upon one 's own particular advantages by society or establishments, for example, the government. Individualism is regularly characterized rather than totalitarianism, cooperation and more corporate social forms. Otherwise simply this means, the needs of each person are more important than the needs of whole society, and opposite of this is collectivism. Highly individualist cultures believe individual is most important unit, they take care of themselves than others but in highly collectivistic cultures they believe group is most important unit. There are some clearly identified characteristics between individualist and collectivistic cultures (Table:
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