Difference Between Industrial And Industrial Psychology

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Industrial/ organizational psychology is the successor of psychology that adopts psychological theories and principles and applies them to the organizational context. Industrial/ organizational psychology aims to increase productivity within the workplace as well as factors relating to productivity within the workplace as well as factors relating to productivity such as mental and physical well-being of employees within the organization. Industrial/ organizational psychology is interested in the attitudes and behaviours of employees, leadership styles and development, and the evaluation of organizations. Most importantly industrial/organizational psychology is concerned in understanding human behaviour in the workplace (Chimiel, 2000). Industrial/Organizational psychology has two sub-disciplines. The first being the industrial sphere which focuses on job fit and the relation between an individual and their job role. This sub-discipline is often referred to as personnel psychology. Industrial psychologists may assess an individual and determine whether they would perform well in their current state of being, as well as developing job performance standards. Industrial psychologists in collaboration with the organization determines a set of measurable goals. These goals can be used to measure and identify revenue barriers; and as a tool to which individual employee performance can be measured against (Wuang, 2007). Organizational psychology on the other hand focuses on how the
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