Differences Between Business Analytics And Business Intelligence

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Introduction: Business Intelligence is the process comprising of technologies and strategies incorporated by the enterprise industries to analyse the existing business data which provides past (historical), current and predictive events of the business operations. Business Analytics is the process of technologies and strategies used to continuously exploring and to extract the insights and performance from the past business information to drive the successful future business planning.
Business Intelligence uses past and present available data to drive the present business successfully. Business Intelligence maintains, operates, streamlines and increases the productivity of the on-going businesses.
Business Analytics uses past data to drive
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Choosing the solutions for the business depends on the aims, goals and targets of the company. Companies that require huge data in cases of data warehouse and huge impacting visual reporting should seriously consider the business intelligence as their tool to operate their businesses productively.
Key Differences between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
1. Business Intelligence uses past and current data whereas Business Analytics uses past data to extract insights and run the business operations that drives the customer needs and increasing the productivity.
2. Business Intelligence mostly concentrates on reporting the analysed data whereas Business Analytics concentrates on multiple tools that perform different operational applications using different tools.
3. Business Intelligence almost comes under Business Analytics where Business Analytics contains Business Intelligence, data warehousing, information management, enterprise applications and governance, risk and security
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Business Intelligence is the content of data what you are having with you whereas Business Analytics is the way how you are using or operating on that data to get your insights of out of that data.
12. Business Intelligence is all about accessing the big data Business Analytics is the use of different latest technological methodologies to handle the big data.
13. Business Intelligence is used to run the businesses effectively whereas the Business Analytics is the way of changing the business to make it more productive and operations effective.
14. As Business Intelligence being the subset of Business Analytics and the benefits of Business Analytics is causing BA to get more popular and drawing attention from business users to get more useful things out of it.
15. Business Intelligence incorporates different tools and methodologies for use in the stages of data analysis in which the common types of tools includeand Business Analytics incorporates different stages and phases of analyses such as SWOT analysis, use case modelling, predictive modelling, data modelling user stories, requirement analysis, functional requirement and non-functional requirement analysis

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