Difference Between International And International Marketing

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Question 1. Differentiate between domestic markets and international marketing . Elaborate on the benefits of international marketing and write a short note on barriers to international trade and marketing.

Answer :
Differences between domestic marketing and international are ass follow :
Domestic marketing :
• Domestic marketing refer to marketing within the geographical boundaries of the nation.
• Area served is small
• Government interference is less
• Business operation in a single country
• Use of technolog limited
• Risk factor is low
• Capitel requirement is less
• Nature of customers almost same
• Research require but not to a very high level
International market :
• International marketing means the activitie of production , promotion distribution advertisement and sellin are extend over the geographical limits of the country.
• Area served large
• Government interference comparatively high
• Business operation more than one country
• Use of technology sharing and use of lates technology
• Risk factor very high
• Capital requirement huge
• Natural of customer variation in customer tastes and preferences

Benefit of international marketing :
• Market expansion : marketing expansion is major advantage of international marketing . expanding the places where company does business and advertises its products . while small business may find that marketing international is cost prohibitive ,
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