Similarities Between Andrew And Auggie

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Have you ever had to worry about what you look like or what people think of you? Or have you ever had to worry about not having enough money? Well, in the novel, “Wonder” by Raquel Jaramillo, August, also known as Auggie, suffers from a facial deformity. In the short story, “Fly Away Home”, by Eve Bunting, Andrew and his dad are living in an airport because they don’t have enough money. Though they are somewhat similar in ways that they face challenges, Auggie and Andrew are almost polar opposites in how they look and in their personalities. First of all, the differences between Andrew and Auggie are pretty opposite. Andrew is your typical 7 year old boy. He has lots of energy and likes to have fun. Auggie on the other hand is not your typical…show more content…
Andrew is a normal kid. He likes to have fun, and if he didn’t live in the airport, he would probably have lots of friends. Auggie is much more different. People don’t want to be around him or touch him because of his face. This makes it hard for him to make friends which also makes him quite shy. The first difference in Auggie and Andrew’s personalities is that Andrew is very outgoing, while Auggie is very reserved. We can see how outgoing Andrew is when he says that he will go out and help strangers carry their bags and return luggage carts. He shows us that he is not scared of people or what they will think about him. Therefore, we know that Andrew is quite outgoing. While Andrew is very outgoing, Auggie is very reserved, because of his face, people don’t want to touch him or be near him. Auggie knows that people don’t want to be his friend, so therefore, he doesn’t make any effort to make any. This is what makes him reserved. He is scared of people, and especially scared of what they think of him. The second reason of how Auggie and Andrew’s personalities are different is that Andrew is very helpful, while Auggie is not as helpful. Andrew though, doesn’t have a choice. He is either helpful and helps earn money to keep him alive, or he is not helpful and has a lesser chance at survival. First of all, Andrew helps by earning money. He helps people carry their bags and also returns rented luggage carts
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