Essay On The Difference Between Law And Justice

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• What is the difference between Law and justice?
According to the Introduction to Law, Study Guide- Law is a system of norms and rules; that is; as a group of norms and rules that all work together as a unit to regulate human behaviour within our society in a very specific way. The definition of justice according to is the use of power as appointed by law, honour or standards to support fair treatment and due reward.
Justice can be seen as fairness in protection of rights and punishment of wrongs. While all legal systems aim to uphold this ideal through fit, fair and proper administration of the law of the land, it is possible to have unjust laws.
The difference between law and justice is that law is a system of rule
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It differs from person to person. Anyone can look at a case and see it differently, although it is the same case. It lies in the eyes of the beholder. Thus I feel that law is not always fair, and I also believe that it was not meant to be fair. The law is meant to be applied impartially and without bias. The law is not fair because it is not fair that a rich person is able to pay bale but a poor person cannot. A rich person has the resources and money to seek good legal help, while a poor person does not have the right resources to back him in which case he does not have the same help that the rich person has. The law is not fair in this case and should take this in consideration. This is only one of the thousands of arguments I can think of. So thus we can say that law is not always fair.
• Share a case where you have experienced that the law can contribute to a harmonious and peaceful society (500 words).
Harmony is established between law and ethics. Laws being in place to support good ethic for the peace of all people in the society. The laws inspired by ethics is enforced by the government. Therefor the law contributes to the society by helping it to be harmonious and peaceful.
Let’s look at a well-known case that will show how the law contributes to a harmonious and peaceful

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