Difference Between Leisure And Leisure

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After the lesson of leisure and society, I not just can identify various forms of leisure and playful activities which can help me to understand how to strike well balance on work, study and leisure for all ages. But I also improve my knowledge about different leisure. These things highly affect my daily life and lifestyle. Through the essay, I will explain some ideas and theories of leisure, how it will impact my daily life or lifestyle as well as the suggestion for improving this subject.

In this course, I understand the difference between leisure, play and recreation. Obviously, play is more a form of behavior than activity. It can occur during work or leisure. However, recreation has broader applications and it can be provided by agencies that do not have recreation as a primary focus, such as armed forces and businesses. As for recreation, it can include non-play like activities, be it traveling, reading, going to museums. Leisure is more abstract than play and recreation, it including to meet one’s personal needs for reflection, self-enrichment, relaxation, pleasure, and affiliation. It can be regarded as a holistic state of being or spiritual experience
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There are four types of their motivation, including physical, social, psychological and emotional motivators. Physical motivator is active recreational pursuits such as sports, games, dance, and fitness. Social motivator is the need to be part of a social group and establish interpersonal relationships. It reduces loneliness as an important aspect of leisure. As for mental health, excitement and challenge should be the motivator for people. In emotional motivator, emotional health is typified by positive self-esteem, a positive self-concept, ability to deal with stress, and a person’s ability to control emotions and behaviors. People do everything by these

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