Difference Between Literary Language And Everyday Language

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At first glance, the question about what is the language might be strange, because we have been using language extemporarily, unconsciously for centuries ago. Nevertheless, the language is the essence difference between human beings and animals, due to what language offers to humans. It enables them to have a history and live the present as well as for planning for the future. furthermore, it is our major tool to communicate ,express our thoughts and feelings under different circumstances, and it enables us to exchange knowledge, beliefs, and opinions to accomplish a great civilization. However, ordinary language is the daily usage of language by people, whereas literary language is the language used by writers, poets, and literates. Everyone can understand the ordinary language easily, but it is quite difficult to realize the proper meanings of the literary language. In order to reach to literary meanings, you should take in your consideration the all structures of the literary language. Literary language is a deviant type of language, for how a writer uses various devices of diction in order to make the language vary from the usual use of language. The Unity Between Literary Language and Everyday Language: Throughout twenty-centuries ago, writers thought that ordinary language and literary language were two different languages. But this is an analytical assumption. There is only one language, which becomes literary by being generated through and by means

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