Essay On Loneliness And Isolation

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Jerquan Stewart
Essay 2

The differences between loneliness and isolation is that loneliness is when you don 't have any friends or family and just alone and isolation is when you choose to be by yourself , as in isolating yourself from everything. Being lonely has to deal with both social barriers and isolation is just dealing with personal choice. Most people enjoy loneliness rather than isolation because isolation is something that someone choose to do and no-one wants to be lonely so it 's most likely that people will avoid being lonely. Isolation have to deal with a lot of canceling out and being by themselves or choosing to be by themselves , and also its because they have to be lonely so they can focus on what they want to do or what goal they
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In loneliness they are lonely because they lose something or because they get bullied or got something that makes them not able to be or talk to other people. In isolation it 's because someone may not like the society so they choose to be alone and not care for the society. They may feel that the society is trying to bring them down so they is trying to isolate they self away from them. So in this case that 's how social barriers are used in both loneliness and isolation. Personal choice will just be for isolation because isolating yourself is a choice that is made by the person that want to do that so they choose to stay away from society. Loneliness is not apart of it because i think that you just can 't choose to be lonely if you 're lonely anybody can just come and talk to you to see what 's going on with them and easily change that, but they dont so thats why i say that personal choice only apply for other reason why people choose to be lonely is because they are very focused on what they want to do and don 't have time to socialize with other
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