Essay On Loneliness And Solitude

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Topic: Loneliness and solitude Student name and ID: Liong Christina (148072) Li Hei Tung(148073) Mak Hei Long (148084) 1. Many people have a misconception about loneliness and solitude. They may think loneliness is a feeling makes people upset, helpless and even boring. They cannot accept solitude as they afriad what others thinking about they, especially during adolescent. However, as we found many informations and definitions abot this topic, we had a different point of view about loneliness and solitude. Loneliness aand solitude is a person who is being alone for a period of time(Laming, D. R. J., 2004). It may makes you under an unpleasant emtions even surround by other people. Loneliness aand solitude is caused by social, mental and emotinal factors. It may prevalent throughout marriages, relationships, families, successful careers. A person who is loneliness feels painful, lost and…show more content…
Also , We can understand our darkness hemisphere deep inside our heart though studying about loneliness ,many of us serveral underestimate our past experience with loneliness as a result underestimate the role it have played in our life . When we prepared the project we try to share our experience to each other first so we can understand how loneliness appear based on our personal experience , During this process , we can’t stop crying or feeling hurt as we are focusing on such feeling we will never want to faced again . We try to take a look on how loneliness Develop when we are having downhill in our life , some of us have experience family pressure , academic Worries , Friendship Dissolve , Love relationship Divorce , Beloved one passed away and so on . And different experience generate a completely different Analysis Toward Loneliness
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