Difference Between Manga And American Manga

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1. Definition 2. The origins and history 3. Types of manga 4. Difference between manga and American comics 5. Manga’s economic and cultural significance 6. Problem affecting the manga industry 7. Specific manga and its impact 8. Conclusion Definition A style of Japanese comic and graphic novel books typically aimed for adult as well as children. The origins and history Its name manga in the Japanese can be translated as "whimsical drawings". The term “manga” is believed to have been first used by the renowned woodblock print artist, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). In the mid-1940s, low-cost red books became very popular among adults. Osamu Tezuka, one of akabon’s most popular authors, came to be known as the grandfather of Japanese manga…show more content…
The big difference between them is that manga are generally read in the reverse order of their American comics. The last page of the comics in the manga is the first page. The panels on each manga page are ordered from right to left instead of from left to right, and the writing in them is usually vertical. Manga are usually (but not always) printed in black and white, as opposed to colour. They are also usually more visual than American comics and contain fewer words. The drawings in manga, however, are usually much simpler than in American comic books. Manga stories are usually much longer than American comics which are not published in magazines but in paperback or hardback. The most significant difference is that Manga tends to have one writer/ artist or one writer and artist instead of a team or changing artist/writer every month or week. In addition, the way Manga is drawn allows them to easily take the pictures and animate them far easier than comic book art. Unlike mainstream comic books, there is a huge variety of stuff. It (manga) incorporates a vast amount of cultural references, generalizations, stereotypes, and…show more content…
Now days in some manga try to show the reality of the world. How is common bullying the weak in the school? Show that the social point of view of the world, politics, economics. Manga in the 1950 started as cheap entertainment for the people after the world war ll. Conclusion There are many different type of manga. They include history, wars, crimes, science, medicine, art, teaching, music, cooking, literature and those in which idea are social, economic, political problems. There we can enjoy reading such as romance, tragedy, comedy, horror and science fiction in the stories. There are also many manga books such as educational or academic that offer specific information and knowledge on particular subjects, and there are those based on famous literary works. From the manga we can understand the sports and its rule .specific type of manga we can get educational information. Like Captain Tsubasa and Slam Dunk we get basic information about football and basketball. The beauty of manga lies here. Interesting like novels, entertaining like comics, and informative like journals or articles. That’s what a manga

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