Difference Between Marks And Spencer's Talent Strategy

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Carol Bergeron (2004) explains a successful company as ones that make their talent strategy part of their strategic planning. Training and Development employees to better understand the customer and their environment is key to a competitive HR strategy. Richard Branson said “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don 't want to….If you look after your staff, they 'll look after your customers. It 's that simple”. There can be no doubt for any organisation that their most valuable asset within the company is their employees. More and more organisations are operating in a continuously changing global market. This new environment means organisations are facing constant challenges such as tougher
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In these fiercely competitive markets, competitive advantage is a key success factor for any organisation and this edge often rests with its employees. Highly trained employees who provide a competitive edge can be the difference between success and failure. Marks & Spencer (M&S) identified that “Customers are more aware of where and how they want to shop. They also know what sort of shopping experience they require. This has made it much more difficult for retailers to survive” (Source: http://businesscasestudies.co.uk). By identifying customer’s behaviour, M&S were able to develop a strategy which involves refocusing its business upon the basics. In refocusing on the basics certain challenges arose and managers were required to prepare employees for whatever role they would be asked to undertake. The solution was to train, develop and skill its employees to harness effectiveness and increase…show more content…
Marks & Spencer 's new business strategy:
• Developing value-for-money products that customers want. Training and development brings new skills which help to add value to its products and services.
• Investing in the environment within stores. Better technical skills in sales and stock management mean that staff can use the store to better advantage resulting in higher sales and profitability.
• Providing good customer service to look after customers. If staff have improved skills in, for example, communication, this can have a positive impact on customer service. (Source: http://businesscasestudies.co.uk).

Training and development programmes must not only be effective in terms of productivity and service but must also be in line with the competitive strategic of the organization. The people-based competitive advantage is difficult for competitors to pinpoint and even imitate due to the advantage not being easily identifiable.

Training and development can help firms achieve a knowledge-based competitive advantage. Companies that perform better consider their employees a source of competitive advantage (Bergeran, 2004). Business strategy need not be too tedious or cumbersome for an organisation to implement. Instead it should be simple steps similar to the ones M&S have taken; Quality, value, and service. These three simple steps talk to the customers core needs which result in customer

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