Difference Between Marxism And Modernism

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In this essay I will briefly explain what Marxism and modernism are. Marxism is an economic and social system of ideals created by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. “Marxists argue that capitalist societies are organized around social classes defined in terms of their unequal rights and powers over the means of production and over the products of economic production” (Ritzer & Ryan (ed). ©2011:374). Modernism is an art and design movement started in the late 1800s and supported by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and it influenced their work. I will also analyse a visual example according to a Marxist and modernist perspective and elaborate further on relevant Marxist concepts and modernist influences.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848 which drafted a program to improve the lives of the working class and society as a whole (Woodfin & Zarate. 2004:3). Karl Marx was born in Germany and was largely influenced by Hegel’s work. Marx met Engels in Paris and “welcomed him as an intellectual equal and political brother in arms” (Woodfin & Zarate. 2004:8). Marx and Engels’ work was frowned upon at that time and Marx was kicked out of Paris. Even though later the Communist Manifesto influenced the American Declaration of
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Glasgow school of art’s style is more geometric and masculine. Glasgow school of art also supported the idea of “truth to materials” where exposed the raw materials they used in constructing the building (Wepener 2015). This is evident in this design where the walls are left bare and “shows off” in a way the wood and steel the used. It adds character and the Glasgow school or art aesthetic to the modernist design. The design present in the railing on the balcony on the inside of the home we can see more Glasgow school of art influence by the use of metal and the geometric
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