Difference Between Mass Media And Mass Communication

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What is the difference between Mass Communication and Media Communication and why?
Both the concepts are not entirely different from each other.
Mass Media: the gathering of the implies that huge media outlets use to disperse their media content, so essentially the diverse sorts of broad communications; e.g. TV broadcasting, print daily paper, radio telecom etc.
Mass communication: is the study on how these sorts function, essentially, contemplating how radio or TV stations discuss their substance with the purchaser.
The reason behind their difference is of technology. The advancement of technology created difference between them. The invention of television first and now the social media created big difference between both of them.
Media Ethics and laws are very important for every media persons to follow. What are those ethics and laws?
These are the some of the ethics that a reporter or a media person should follow:
See truth and report truth: a journalist should always in the search of the truth as a large number of people are going to create their perception on his/her news. A media person should be Honest, Courageous and loyal towards his job.
Respect others: a journalist should respect others and their opinions as well in order to have a healthy debate in solving any issue. If a media person will misuse his/her power than there will be biasness in every news or act he will perform or convey.
Sense of independency: a journalist should perform his duty independently.

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