Media And Globalization Research Paper

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Mason Houser


Does Globalization Exist? Hirst and Thompson keg argument is that before 1914 the world economy was more internationalized than in the 1990s. The trade and investment statistics that are amply documented in their work appear to prove their point. What happened since then was the Depression, The Second World War, and decolonization. This is what contemporary globalization should also be measured against.

What is Globalization?

Globalization is an objective, empirical process of increasing economic and political connectivity, a subjective process unfolding in consciousness as the social awareness of growing global interconnectedness, and host-specific globalizing projects that seek to shape global
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Media is the new technology that helps globalization grow. Without the media, I do not think globalization would exist.
The first part of this paper talks about media and how it is used to create globalization from the beginning. The second part of the is paper talks about the evolution of media and globalization. These two-part should shed light on the first question being asked. In what ways are media and globalization interconnected?

Evolution of Media and Globalization

Each period is characterized by its dominant medium. For an example in the 1940s and 1950s divided media into three periods: oral, print, and electronic. In the twentieth century, they add digital to those three. Each of the main four at one point in time helped contribute to the globalization of our world's.

Oral Communication
Speech is often the most overlooked medium in histories of globalization. But it is the oldest and most enduring of all media. Despite numerous changes undergone by human societies, the very first and last humans will share at least one thing- the ability to speak.
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An essential process of globalization is political. Globalization has transformed world politics in profound ways.

Killing Journalists: The World as War Zone
Many journalists die because of their work. Many journalists die without justice because of politics. Many deaths go unsolved leaving countries like Mexico, Russia, and the Philippines in disarray and turned the world into a war zone. Many times, it has to do with drugs, politics, or even killings.
New Media and Social Media in the Global Village
New media most often refer to digital technology, such as computers, tablets, and cell phones and the social media that runs on these devices. People nowadays increasingly communicate, collaborate, and get information and news through these devices. In the context of political globalization, many people hope that new media and digital technology can improve politics in the global village. New media can allow for alternative voices within and across

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