Difference Between Members Of Congress

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1. The members of the Congress to introduce a bill. When Senator or Representative introduced the bill, it is sent it to the number provided, and subject to the clerk of the House of Representatives or the Senate. Next, the bill goes to the committee. 2. The Committee reviewed and voted on the bill. The Committee is composed of a small group of professional and senators or representatives in various fields such as agriculture or foreign relations. The Commission can reject bills and means "table" will not be discussed again. Or, listen to the facts and opinions can hold a hearing to make changes in the legislation and cast votes. If the majority of committee members to vote in favor of the bill, it is sent back to the Senate and the House of Representatives of the debate. 3. Debate and vote on the House bill and the Senate.…show more content…
If the bill is defeated in either the Senate or the House of Representatives, the bill dies. Sometimes, the House and Senate passed the same bill, but other modifications. In this case, the bill will go to committee meetings configured as a Member of Parliament. The Conference Board operates the difference between the two versions of the bill. Then the bill goes before all of Congress for vote. Most of both the Senate and House of Representatives vote on the bill, it will go to the president for
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