Memory And Memory Development

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A complex set of brain activities and functions, constitutes to the process of storing and retrieving information, from ones brain. The place where this information is often stored to and retrieved from is called the memory. There are two distinct methods, through which our brains deal with the concept of memory management and memory development; the first one being the mechanism of the brain to store one 's life experiences, often referred to as 'autobiographical memory ' and the other one being the mechanism used by the brain to store information about the world around us, this is refereed to as 'semantic memory '. Both these memory mechanisms of the brains work in different ways and need some memory development and management. For example…show more content…
Memory plays a very crucial role, while archiving and understanding new information, for example when you are reading an intriguing novel, or maybe preparing for your final exams, and trying to remember information previously stored in your semantic memory, during your classes. Thus memory development should be a crucial and integral part of a child growing process. In order to practice the mechanism of memory development, it is very vital to recognize the type of memory a person may have, this is again dependent on the two hemispheres, dependent on which are the two memory development techniques.

The left hemisphere of your brain controls the logical memory and the right hemisphere of your brain controls and manages the symbolic memory. According to neuropsychology, it is very easy to identify, what kind of memory one has. If you can easily remember something while reading something or solving math equations comes easily to you, than you memory is a logical one, and if it is easier for you to remember, by looking at pictures or signs, your memory may be a symbolic based
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Associating events, sights and smells, appeals to children. Various studies carried out in neuropsychology, suggest that people, with associative memory, are able to retrieve information faster, the memory storage might be disheveled, as compared to people with logical memory, who tend to store most of their memories in large chunks. Associative memory development techniques can be combined with one another, for e.g. a sound can be combined with a picture, maybe an infomercial of sorts, to develop memory in children and adults
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