Difference Between Mendeleev And The Periodic Table

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There are many differences in between Mendeleev’s periodic table (that was first started in 1869) and today’s modern style periodic table. Mendeleev is known as the father of the periodic table. He had published a periodic table just five years after John Newlands had put forward his law of octaves. Mendeleev didn’t do all of the work on the periodic table though. He had some “help” from a few other scientists, chemists, and geologists. Although he was the first person to publish the first version of the periodic table there was someone who almost beat him to it. His name is Julius Lothar Meyer. Meyer was the first person to recognize the periodic trends in the properties of the elements. He made many periodic tables from 1864- 1870, but his first table only contained twenty-eight elements which were all organized by how many other atoms they can combine with.…show more content…
In 1789 Antoine Lavoisier helped to make the periodic table he grouped the elements based on their properties such as gases, nonmetals, metals, and earths. In 1829 Johann Dobereiner was the person that had recognized traits of the elements with chemically similar properties such as lithium, sodium, and potassium. He showed that the properties of the middle elements could be predicted from the properties of the other two elements. In 1862 De Chancourtious was the first to use a periodic arrangement of all the known elements showing that similar elements appear at the periodic atomic mass. John Newlands was the first person that had noticed that there where similarities between elements with atomic weight that was different by the seventh
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