Minority Groups In America

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One key question is whether minority groups in America should merge into the majority culture or remain their individual identity. The answer to this question is controversial. Generally, White Americans support for assimilation. Others, especially Africa Americans prefer to pluralism, on the other hand[1]. From my point of view, I powerfully advocate that members of minority groups had better maintain their distinct identity, rather than assimilate into common culture. I passionately believe that minority groups have compelling reasons to keep their identity.
The United States, which is the roof of nearly 313 million people from the 2012 Census, is considered as a country of immigration and diversity. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in …show more content…

Meanwhile, African Americans and Latino Americans accounted for roughly 13 percent and 17 percent in separate. At that time, an estimated 5.1 percent of the total population in America was the group of Asian Americans and others was about 3.8 percent[2]. It can be inferred from this statistics that minority groups contribute a large number, nearly 40 percent to the American population except for White Americans. Therefore, I find that remaining and bringing into play minority groups’ identity not only bring benefits to themselves but also American society, particularly the diversity of American society.
Why is it crucial to maintain the identity of the ethnic minority groups in America? Firstly, in my opinion, members of ethnic minority groups keep their distinctive identity, which is similar to preserve their origin. If members of the ethnic minority groups are compared with plants, then I think that their individual identity is the roots of plants. It is impossible for a plant to be alive without the root. Similarly, members of minority …show more content…

Although there are various ways among ethnic minority groups to identify themselves, almost all ways are the purposes of preserving traditional culture and custom value, minority language, lifestyle, and so on. Firstly, let take a look at Asian Americans in the United States, the development of Chinatowns in many large American cities is typically illustrated examples for the identity of Chinese Americans in America[5]. The Chinese Americans make an effort to establish their private communities on American land. To be more specific, Chinatowns in America are places which keep ancient Chinese architectures, Chinese cuisine and traditional Chinese festivals. For instance, annually the Chinese Americans organize important Chinese festivals. One of the most considerable festivals is the New Year Parade. The New Year Parade is plenty of Chinese custom with an incredibly long traditional Dragon dance. There is no doubt that Chinatowns in America are space which maintains Chinese Americans’ ethnic heritage[6]. Moreover, Chinatowns are places in which Chinese American community share their identity and educate the generation of descendants about traditional culture value of their ancestors. Another example to illustrate Asian Americans’ identity in the United States is the activity of teaching Vietnamese

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