Difference Between Misopeliades And Achilles

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The great debate between Philopeliades, Misopeliades, and Luvion takes place at Ithaca. It is a hot afternoon when the men go to a river and sit under a tree to talk. Everyone is angry because they cannot come to an agreement on if Achilles should go through with his plan to fight in the war. With different ideas flying round no one will ever be able to settle this. They tell each other how the feel about the decision that Achilles about to make. Philopeliades thinks that Achilles is doing the right thing and no one should stop him. But then there is Misopeliades who thinks anything Achilles does is wrong. Luvion is the only person who think Philopeliades and Misopeliades is wrong. This conversation goes on for a while before they realize everyone has a different opinion. Misopeliades tell the men that he thinks it’s a bad idea for Achilles to go and fight in war because he never does anything right. Misopeliades feels Achilles will only make things worse than what they are already. Misopeliades thinks he is only thinking of going to the war because he wants to be seen as respected by his people. The whole war wouldn’t be as bad if Achilles didn’t become so enraged over such a little situation. Everyone need to think if continuing the way is the best thing for all over us. Misopeliades: “I don’t think Achilles should go into the fight.” “Achilles going to fight is the dumbest thing he could think of doing.” “The best decision Achilles has ever made since being alive
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