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From Mobile Phone to Smartphones Mobile phone or hand phone is common nowadays been use by people around the world. Some say that they cannot live without the mobile phone with them because they cannot update for what is happening around them and around the world. Mobile phone is one of the greatest invention that been invented long time ago. As we all know, the development of mobile phone is from the normal phone that been invented by Alexander Graham bell in 1875. Then the normal phone had been developed to cordless phone. The cordless phone is normal phone but not using a wire when we used it but the cordless is limited to some distance. If we out of the range we are automatically disconnected. After a quite sometimes a hand phone had been…show more content…
Iphone was invented by late Steve Jobs which he invented until Iphone 3 which using the system call iOS mobile operating system. Followed by their competitors Samsung also release a smartphone but using a system call android. Other smart phones such as Asus, Lenovo and Sony also release their own smartphones by using same androids system. What are androids and IOS systems? Androids operating system based on Linux kernel is produced and developed by Google and iOS operating system is produce by Apple. Both function are almost the same, is the system to operate the system in the smart phones. Even though both are almost the same but they still have their specialities. For examples iOS system is only can be used by Iphone and other Apple products only but android is used by most of the smartphones in the world. Androids does not include many major updates but smaller updates each time. Each updates have their own version of name for android, e.g cupcake, donut, honeycomb, icecream sandwich and jellybean. All of the names are the name of every version when it is updated. Different wit iOS system where usually major update being produced. For example iOS 1, iOS 2,iOS 3 and now the latest is iOS 8. Each iOS is only suitable for certain Iphone. New Iphone can only upport new iOS system. IOS system also is an exclusive system. Not all application can be install easily. This is for the protection of the Iphone. It also cannot be upgraded and when using Iphone also the iOS system will not be attact by virus because the system is very secured. For androids, it is easily to install new apps in the google store and can updated anytime. The price also cheaper than iOS system but user’s phone can be easily attack by virus if not take care of the phone

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