Difference Between Modernism And Modernist Architecture

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This essay will attempt to and put in the comparison between Modernist architecture and Postmodernist architecture using Le Corbusier’s model of Villa Savoye situ ed in Poissy Paris France against Michael Graves Portland building Orogan Part A Modernism in arcitechture According to Woods (1999) the key and foremost significant and prominent modernist architects was Walter Gropius (1883 -1965). Le Corbusier (born Charles – Edouard Jeanerette, 1887 -1963) and Ludwig Miles Van Der Rohe (1887 – 1969) who mutually and collectively shaped and fashioned the fundamental hypothetical and speculative research and experimentation of the Bauhaus School. Woods (1999) further argues that genre and methodology of modernism was alienated from the body of words in the favourable construction of a new discipline in geometry. Woods (1999) further defends the tyranny of historicism in architecture was abandoned as ‘ornament was crime’ (p. 91) Woods (1999) highlights that a revolutionary and unostentatious advancements in architecture was taken in response, in which the mandatory rule was Mile’s Van Der Rohe’s strong inclinations that’ form follows function’ (p. 93). Woods (1999) further emphasises that regularity, rationale and homogenized institutes, and a lucidity of framework using deductions of mathematic properties became the prime authorities in visual aspects, as architects desired absoluteness and conceptual characteristics Woods (1999) documents some of Le Corbusier’s renowned

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