Difference Between Modernism And Modernity

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TRANSMODERNITY: REMAKING OUR (TOURISM) WORLD? As the definition of transmodernity, according to book by Mike Cole, this author stated transmodernism referred to a development of both postmodernism as a movement from modernism. However, in turn, transmodernity negatively evaluate modernity and postmodernity as the end of modernism. As a transmodern travelers, they are people who look for humanity, caring and willing to serve. Many already know tourism is about everything under the sun. Thus, major crisis such as war, terrorism, change of climate, discrimination of the poor and the rich, social distancing, pressure in an individual and many more will definitely bring enormous impact to tourism industry. Instead of trying to save the earth, the problem with people nowadays are existing economic and political framework constantly use rationality, money and technology as the superiority measurement progress and human development. This report is an interpretation of transmodernity concept which basically covered the evolving of sociocultural, economic, political as well as philosophical shift. Referring to transmodernity under dialetic triad, Ghisi (1999, 2006, 2008) claimed that judgement and decision made by humans were all based on economy, politics and everyday life. Ghisi explained about five levels of change that lead to transmodernity. First level articulates about human is at the darkest and coldest bottom which describes the unsustainability of global civilization as it
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