Difference Between Modernism And Postmodernism

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Modernism And Postmodernism, 5th April 2016 Modernism first emerged in the early twentieth century, and by the 1920s, the prominent figures of the movement. After modernist planning was implemented as a solution to the previous failure of architecture and design to meet basic social needs. During the 1930s as much as 15% of the urban populations were living in poverty, and slum clearance was one of the many social problems of this decade. Modernist planning was a popular idea, and used as a solution to these problems. It is the single most important new style or philosophy of architecture and design of the 20th century, associated with an analytical approach to the function of buildings, a strictly rational use of (often new) materials, an…show more content…
The prominent features of postmodern architecture are mainly adapting diverse aesthetics which gives emphasis on unique forms. Postmodern features are the striking counterpoint of traditional architecture and all its preceding movements. The principle of “anything goes” is applied in this type of architectural movement. There is no room for structural ideas and conventional designs when speaking of postmodernism. Diversity of expression defines the core philosophy of postmodern ideals. Buildings are designed not only to deliver conventional function but also combined with characteristics of meaning such as pluralism, irony and paradox. For example, postmodern skyscrapers are adorned with non-conventional ledges or classical columns, something unusual for a skyscraper to have. Colors of postmodern architecture do not necessarily follow the “color wheel law” but there is a certain harmony that exudes from it. Often, colors are irregular, though following a theme. An example for this is the Team Disney Buildings designed by Michael Graves in 1991. Snow White’s Seven Dwarves are the main attraction of the building’s entrance. The “dwarves” were colored light brown, away from the colorful characters people used to watch. The Team Disney Buildings, as a great example for postmodern architecture are just few of the buildings built nowadays (Bird’s Nest in Beijing and LaSalle SIA Art College also belong to the same category). Along with the designs, sustainability issues are likewise addressed in postmodernist designs. The quality and origin of the materials are assured to be sustainable. Creating a structural definition and fixed characteristics for postmodern architecture may be a rather difficult task, as the designs do not

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