Difference Between Mother Tongue And Mother Tongue

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For a long time, the American people have looked at immigrants through their own eyes and perspectives but never do they think to change gears and walk in the footsteps of a stranger. In this case, people need to look through the eyes of an immigrant and see that one immigrant family is not the same as the other. The different people may have connections with the same or different cultures, however, they have different obstacles and hardships with adjusting to a new way of living. The "Public and Private Language", by Richard Rodriguez and "Mother Tongue", by Amy Tan are great examples of how two immigrant families can have their similarities and differences. In the beginning of Mr. Richards story, he explains how life first was like with speaking Spanish. He believed that there is now just one language to speak in public and that it was fine to speak in his language to others. He said "it would have…show more content…
Amy had to speak for her mother in many of the difficult situations with communicating. Amy had to talk and solve all public problems at hand and still attending school. Even though Amy shrugged with English, she knew what and how to talk in contrast to Richard and his nerve problem. Richard did not speak but mumbled and this concerned the teachers. The teachers then had a meeting with Richards parents. The teachers concluded that Richard and his family had to start speaking English not just in public but also in their own home. The event 's further in the story made an even bigger impact on Richards view of the English language. Richards family become more distant due to poor communication. This was dividing the family into single individuals. The father was silent and the siblings were mostly gone. The mother had become anxious and wanted to talk to someone about anything. The house became silent as the family did not talk to each other even at dinner. All that Richard has left is his public identity and

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