Difference Between Movie And Movie

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Nowadays people prefer watching movie at the cinema to reading books at home. It is said that book is out of date, isn’t it? Books existing for thousand years not disappear must signify much to us. We are all clear that it’s impractical to substitute movie for books. In addition, both books and movie become indispensable for our daily life. In other words, books can coexist with movie on account of their unique in form, origin and people’s feeling during and after appreciating them. Certainly books are similar with movie in relaxing people.
Movie attracts not only the young but also the old a lot in three reasons.
Firstly, we should know what the movie is. Movie which named film or motion picture in some place is a series of motionless images, which gives us wrong impression of moving images as a result of the phi phenomenon when it is shown on a screen. Phi phenomenon is the optical illusion of perceiving continuous motion between separate objects viewed rapidly in succession which is explicitly defined in the Wikipedia. It’s a type of high-tech .Most of the movies are adapted from a book. People are willing to watching owing to the original. Secondly, movie was officially invented on the first of November in 1895 by the Skladanowsky brothers. In reality, it would have appeared in the stage of history in the 19th century. In the Wikipedia, we know that the world earliest surviving film which named Roundhay Garden Scene produced using a motion picture camera, by Louis Le
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