Difference Between Multiculturalism And Multilingualism

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for us to recognise that our world have changed a lot since centuries. I can say that especially the matter of identity and culture have reformed. Multiculturalism became something natural for example in England, France or Germany. Since all is changing rapidly around the world I think that every country should be prepared for the arrival of foreign people from different countries. That is why I would like to explain what the definitions of multicultural and multilingual are because multiculturalism and multilingualism have been quite new phenomenons for the whole society. I will start with the notion of multiculturalism. A multicultural country is the one which respects someone’s distinct culture, religion, language, race, nationality or ethnicity. Habitants of such a nation and also a government and all state institutes behave towards foreigners (e.g. Muslims in Europe or African Americans in the USA) in the same way they do to other people. The community also creates special places for these people so that they can learn an official language of certain country or vote for their chosen member of particular political party Kymlicka (1995). Multicultural policy had been created for people who experience the prejudices and stereotypes because they are in minority. According to Taylor (1994), multiculturalism is a movement which is strongly opposed to modern nationalism, which is not in favour of foreign people but focuses on their own nation. Now we shall consider what

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