Essay On Manslaughter And Murder

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In England and Wales, homicide has been defined as the death of a human being by the hand of another 1. It could be caused by negligence, imprudence, violation of laws; but it could also be a result of a voluntary act or omission such as failure to act.
Homicide can be classified into two main types: Manslaughter and Murder.

Manslaughter is less serious than Murder and it is usually described by the criminal law as the unlawful killing of a human being under the Queen’s peace, without malice aforethought. The malice aforethought is the criterion with which the level of viciousness is measured, and also draw a line between murder and manslaughter. Manslaughter occurs when a crime of killing a human being is not intentional, that is because He or She does not wish to do so but it was a consequence
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Result of that accident caused Him disfigure in the face and left him with some serious mental damage that probably would no longer allow him to live independently; even if the doctors were positive enough that he would come back to life and live in a decent way. Mrs Inglis, frustrated and depressed by the circumstances, thought to end her son 's suffering by giving him two heavy doses of heroin, which the second time was lethal. In England and Wales, criminal law does not allow compassionate homicide and mercy killing is considered as any other murder; for this reason, Mrs Inglis was found guilty of murder. CPS argued that if Mrs Inglis would not have administered heroin to his son, he would not die, consequently that provided the prosecution the actus reus, while the mens rea was satisfied because although in good faith, she intended to end her son 's life. Mercy killing only matter during the sentence because it was not a murder with aggravating circumstances, so on the appeal She received a sentence of five
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