Difference Between Nationalism And Multilateralism

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4.3.2 Nationalism and Multilateralism Nationalism is known as an ideology that individual 's loyalty to the nation, surpassing other individual or group interest. This action could be achieved either through economic, social, or political action. The sense of nationalism generally was aimed to maintained national self-determination and to maintain a nation need to have national identity, something that distinguish them from other nation. That is why national flags, anthem, symbol, language, and myth are very important for nationalism. Nationalism itself is a modern movement, in which only when the end of the 18th century come that the sentiment of people toward their nation was recognized. It was said that nationalism come first in the Western world during the enlightenment…show more content…
Nationalism also sometimes become political elite’s tools when the campaign succeeds and able to invoke common desire to protect its country and the winning party become the victory in the politics. Gretchen Schrock-Jacobson proposed that because all nation has the right to territorial self-determination, and state should ensure the continuity of the nation unique culture, historical, or ideological characteristic. Nonetheless, one must not mistake nationalism with patriotism. Although the two was similar and born because of people national identity, patriotism means expressing individual love toward his country in a passively while nationalism tends to strives for independence and interest of a nation and at the same time, they express their love or concern for the country in an active political way. Despite that, people tend to associate nationalism negatively in which Las Casas decided to disagree with it. In his study, Las Casas described nationalism as a feeling of unity, a sense of collective unity that turns large groups into extended family. It is true that nationalism is the source of some negative event that happened in the world, but it could also bring a positive impact within

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