Difference Between Nationalism And Nationalism

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The beginning of the 20th century was a time of awareness movement of nationalism in countries in Asia. Nationalism is a feeling of love will race and Country to free the homeland from occupiers of involving the release of economic and foreign culture. Based on Chukwu (2000), point out that “nationalism a patriotic feeling which brings an oppressed, but related people together to demand for their independence. It is often found rooted and promoted by the presence of another superior power” (p.114). Alternatively, nationalism is defined as “strong devotion to one’s own country, patriotic feelings, efforts, principles… a consciousness on the part of individuals or groups of membership in a
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Everybody can take part to do nationalism especially leader of the state. The leader must always responsible to protect their citizens. If had any problem, the leader must take over quietly to solve the problems. We as the citizen in the country also have responsible to state. We must always obey with our state n leader. Lucas (1999) explained that “nationalism is the most important political ideology of the modern era but also one which elicits the least agreement”. In Indonesia and the Philippines have differences and similarities in the nationalist movements. Significant differences can be seen is the defending their rights such as Raden Adjeng Kartini: heroin Indonesia stressed that education is essential to change the life to the better. While Jose Rizal stress about injustices that Filipinos can. The equation of motion nationalist between the two countries is the religion itself is very important in creating unity in the community. Even the parties established certain functions also to improve the lives of its people. This can be seen that the nationalist movement is very

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